Dr. Breus was a huge hit at our recent speaker series, which was held at locations around the country. His presentations were consistently fun, informative and highly engaging. Although his topic was largely focused on sleep, our highly diversified audiences were wide awake and really captivated by every moment of his talks!

Kirk Kazanjian

Vice President, Marketing, Capital Group Private Client Services

Sleep turned out to be the “HOT” topic at our global Edge conference this year, when the Fire Marshal required us to close the doors at Dr. Michael Breus’ lecture, as the audience was literally overflowing. Those who could stay awarded Dr. Brues with high ratings for engagement, humor, and education as he did anything but put us to sleep, with his topic. Dr. Breus’ passion was evident by all as he stayed afterwards and answered every single question for our members. Since his lecture, Dr. Breus has become an amazing resource for Young Presidents Organization (YPO) members worldwide.

Larry Bond

2017 Global Edge Chair, Young Presidents Organization

Dr. Breus is a frequent keynote speaker to audiences around the world.  As America’s “go to“ authority on sleep related issues, Dr. Breus offers clinical expertise to industry audiences, as well as profound personal advice to public audiences.  Whether at trade-related conferences, or as an expert advisor on all of the popular daytime news and talk shows, Dr. Breus is able to offer highly targeted insights to any audience’s interests.


The Dr. OZ Show

Genius Network Mastermind

Dr. Michael Breus speaks at Genius Network Mastermind which is a leading mastermind group for entrepreneurs. His presentation generated a robust question and answer session about how to achieve maximum performance through the principles of healthy sleep.

National Sleep Conference

Dr. Michael Breus is the featured keynote speaker at a national sleep symposium hosted by Novartis Pharmaceutical.  This 50-minute presentation highlights several key factors of healthy sleep cycles.