Holiday Gift Guide

Happy Holidays!

Whether you celebrate Christmas, Hannukah, Kwanza, another holiday or none at all, nearly all of us love the deals that the holidays bring. As I have each holiday season, I search out the best Sleep products on the market and reach out to the manufacturers and negotiate a discount that is typically not found anywhere else on the web for the big sales, Black Friday, Small Business Saturday, and Cyber Monday.

This year some of these deals are very limited and when they are gone, my discount code will stop working, I apologize.

Enjoy shopping these great gifts and great discounts, it’s always so fun for me and my team to put them together for you.

Have fun shopping, saving, and sleeping! – Dr. Breus


I know you’ve probably heard me talk about how much I love this pillow because it’s the one I sleep on. And I do love it! Whether you are a back sleeper and use a traditionally shaped pillow or a side sleeper who needs the Curve (and trust me when I tell you, if you sleep on your side this is a sleep gamechanger).I’ve given these pillows for everyone in my family and lots of friends too, and they all tell me how much they love them and are sleeping better too! There are two fills that I really like and I think they give you the best combination of support and comfort. I use the Kapok Silk and Latex blend because it is simply the most comfortable pillow I’ve slept on. If you can’t tolerate latex, then the Kapok Silk alone is a great choice as well. EverPillow just released a silk case for the Curve and it looks and feels great. It also makes sense to have a case that fits the shape of the pillow to get the maximum effectiveness from the pillow. Oh, I almost forgot, you can adjust how much fill you need in the pillow easily, just unzip and adjust to your comfort. Just be careful, these pillows are so comfortable you might sleep right through the presents! P.S., you need to replace your pillow about every 12-18 months, so you may want to grab an extra one for yourself! Use code SLEEPDR to get 10% off all your pillows and pillowcases.

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Cool Jams

These are the most stylish and best moisture wicking pajamas available! I don’t say that lightly, when you get to their page, check out the science. Whether you get night sweats or just want a little help controlling your temperature, these pajamas get the job done right. When you slip into Cool Jams, the luxurious feel will carry you away, but when you slide into bed at night, moisture is wicked away from your body for superior temperature control and moisture management. Another thing I love about this nightwear is that it incorporates an antimicrobial treatment that reduces odor and bacteria. These jams look and feel incredible, they have the feel of cotton but last 6x as long. Best of all, they look as amazing in the box under the tree as they do on. This is the perfect gift so everyone has matching pajamas for all the holiday fun! The first 100 people to order using the code Sleepdoc2019 get 10% off, free shipping and free gift wrapping (Fellas, this is perfect, if you are like me, anyone who wraps a present gets my vote as the best gift of the year).

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Remzy Weighted Blanket

The Remzy weighted blanket is my favorite weighted blanket, hands down. Weighted blankets have been used as a tool to help provide relief and comfort to people with autism, ADHD or sensory processing disorders. They are also great if you feel anxious or just like the weight of a heavier blanket to help you fall asleep faster. When you cozy up under the Remzy blanket, it’s like getting a gentle hug, you feel like you are in a protected, calming space.  Remzy™ now brings you this fashionable adult version that will look great in your home and will last for many years. It’s great in front of the fire during chilly winter days too. Take 50% off any Remzy blanket just in time for holiday gift giving by using the code Sleepdoc2019 at checkout.

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Sleep Doctor PM

A good night’s sleep is what we all need this holiday season. If you want to be sure that you aren’t stirring while Santa is putting your presents under the tree, use my Sleep Doctor PM, just a few sprays under your tongue before you go to bed will help you quickly and gently fall asleep, and if you wake up before Santa arrives, a few sprays of my middle of the night formula will have you sleeping soundly and waking up feeling refreshed, not groggy so you can tear into that wrapping paper with childlike glee!  All natural formula and no antihistamines like the over the counter sleep medicine that leaves you feeling groggy in the morning. Take 25% off by using the code SLEEPDOCTOR2019

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Dēp Slēpwear

I travel a lot, I’m often on a plane every week bouncing from LA to New York to Bejing. I’m often sleeping on planes, in airports, and on layovers in airports around the world.  I have a few trusty travel staples and the Dēp Slēpwear hoodie is one of those. It’s great because it is lightweight and moisture-wicking so it helps me keep my body temperature regulated and it has a feature I absolutely love, a built in eye mask that shuts out light. I simply put in my earplanes (my favorite ear plugs) pull the hood over my head, cover my eyes and I’m out! The bonus? You can’t even see or hear that chatty seatmate. Of course, it’s great at the hotel and even at home. 

The three main ingredients to quality sleep are darkness, quiet and body temperature control. You get them all in one purpose-built garment with the Dēp sleep hoodie. All of this comes together to give you the ideal environment for quality deep sleep wherever you are.

  • Cozy, breathable hood muffles sound
  • Comfy integrated sleep mask blocks light
  • Silky, sweat-wicking fabric keeps body cool
  • Flat-lock stitching adds comfort and last
  • Loose fit works with or without a first layer

Just use the code Sleepdoc20 at checkout to get 20% off your order. If anyone you know travels a lot or likes it cozy and dark when they sleep (great for shift workers) this is the perfect gift.

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Healthe Lights

Lights and light bulbs may seem like an odd stocking stuffer but you are going to be hearing more and more about circadian lighting in the near future. The right light at the right time can help you fall asleep faster and wake up fully,  easily. 

Just use the code BREUS25 at checkout to take 25% off your order.

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The JOURNI® circadian LED light gives you quick and easy access to healthy light in a sleek, low-profile and portable device. Now you can enjoy the flexibility of having the proper, biological light at any time of day. Designed using Healthe’s patented True Circadian™ spectrum technology, the Journi allows you to easily change between the warm, sleep-enhancing spectrum of GoodNight® spectrum to the alertness and focus-enhancing spectrum of GoodDay® to get the right light at the right time. This versatile luminaire can help you to effortlessly bring energy-efficient, circadian lighting to any area of your home, school, office, or anywhere life takes you.  Ideal for business travelers, students or anyone desiring healthy light at the simple touch of a button. When I travel, the Journi goes in my suitcase every time, it’s made multiple time zone transitions much easier many times.

Just use the code BREUS25 at checkout to take 25% off your order.

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GoodNight® Sleep-Enhancing A19 LED Bulb

The GoodNight® Sleep-Enhancing LED utilizes Healthe’s patented True Circadian™ spectrum technology, which was originally developed out of a collaboration between Lighting Science Group and NASA, to help support the circadian rhythms of the astronauts while working aboard the International Space Station. Now, that same technology that helped our astronauts feel better and sleep better in space is available to all of us, even the smallest of us, here on Earth. Using the GoodNight bulb helps support your natural sleep cycle and improve the overall quality and length of sleep. Also, along with a healthy bedtime routine, it can help you fall asleep faster, stay asleep longer and achieve a more restful night sleep.  The GoodNight LED can help prepare you for rest, so when you’re ready to sleep, your body is too.

Just use the code BREUS25 at checkout to take 25% off your order.

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Goodnight® bedsite table lamp (includes (1) Goodnight® sleep-enhancing led bulb)

The GoodNight® LED Table Lamp creates a soft, relaxing glow in your bedroom and utilizes Healthe’s True Circadian™ spectrum technology in the A19 bulb, which was originally developed out of a collaboration between Lighting Science Group and NASA, to help support the circadian rhythms of the astronauts while working aboard the International Space Station. Now, that same technology that helped our astronauts feel better and sleep better in space is available to all of us here on Earth. Using the GoodNight Bedside table lamp with the GoodNight A19 bulb helps support your natural sleep cycle.  Along with a healthy bedtime routine, it can help you prepare for rest, fall asleep faster, stay asleep longer and achieve a more restful night sleep.

Just use the code BREUS25 at checkout to take 25% off your order.

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chiliPAD and OOLER

The right sleep temperature for your body is one of the most important ingredients of good sleep. When you sleep with someone who sleeps hotter than you, it’s uncomfortable and makes good sleep difficult. Menopause, environment and many other conditions can cause you to not be able to regulate your temperature, until chiliPAD and OOLER. 

Set the temperature that is right for you and go to sleep, chiliPAD or OOLER will to the work of adjusting and maintaining the temperature for you and your partner to enjoy the right temperature for EACH of you. 

Temperature controlled water is circulated through micro-tubes to trigger and keep you in deep sleep. If you or your partner are experiencing any sleep temperature issues, including night sweats, menopause, a partner that sleeps hotter or colder than you, the may be the best gift you’ll give or receive this year. I like the OOLER because it is app-based and makes controlling the device easy and predictable but I still have my chiliPAD, it’s a workhorse that does the job well. For the sweetest dreams, use the code SLEEPDOC2019 for 25% off the chiliPAD or use SLEEPDOCTOR2019 for 20% off the OOLER.

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Pique Tea

When Santa guides his sleigh through the south, not everyone leaves out cookies and milk, the kids who get the best gifts leave out Pique Tea!

Ok, that might be a little dramatic, but I grew up in Atlanta and no event, holiday, or even day was complete without tea. I still love iced tea in the summer but I love hot tea in the winter. Pique tea crystals are my favorite, the tea is smooth and delicious and the crystals quickly dissolve in hot or cold water and comes in collections you are sure to love. Take a look at the collections we love here at the Breus house.

  • Busy Mom Bundle: She does so much for everyone else, so let her know she’s appreciated with this selection of teas that will keep her calm, but energized.
  • Coffee Addict Bundle: Even coffee lovers can enjoy a delicious cup of tea! Gift them with the teas that will give them just as much energy as coffee, without the crash.
  • Jetsetter Bundle: Even when they’re traveling, they can enjoy our single-serve tea sachets! I try to always have some of these in my travel bag. You’ll love them!

Buy any bundle and get a free carton of the very popular Jasmine Tea + Free Shipping. No coupon code needed, just click the magic link in the button below and you’ll automatically get the offer.

These teas make perfect stocking stuffers and hostess gifts for people who enjoy very high quality tea. And, don’t blame me if you get another chia pet instead of the best gift on your list for the holidays if you don’t leave out a glass of tea for Southern Santa!

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Jigsaw Health Tart Raspberry Magnesium Packets

When patients are stressed or having difficulty sleeping, magnesium is often one of the first places I turn. If you are having difficulty sleeping or find yourself stressed at bedtime, sipping a cool glass of Tart Raspberry Magnesium can make all the difference by helping you relax and fall asleep faster, naturally.

Along with my tea, I carry a few of these in my travel bag as well. After a long flight or even crossing a couple of timezones, these little beauties make a real difference. Also, almost every body (not a typo, I meant your body) can use a little more magnesium.

If you have a parent or grandparent that needs to relax a little before bed to fall asleep or a teenager who is struggling to fall asleep, try a packet of magnesium. I’m sure you’ll be pleased with the result.

These are so good, I’m leaving a packet out with the tea and cookies just in case the gift-bringer is feeling a little wound up after all those stops.

Use code SLEEPDOC2019 and take $15.00 off your order!

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Luma Sleep Sweet Dreams Hybrid Topper – How To Fix Your “Bed In A Box”

My wife and I love getting and giving gifts to each other but we always love those gifts we can give ourselves that both of us use and get value from all year.

The sweet dreams hybrid topper is one of those gifts that keep giving all year round. One of the things people tell us, again and again, is that they bought an inexpensive “bed in a box” and shortly after the 100-night trial the mattress started wearing out or wasn’t comfortable any longer. The only choice was to buy an expensive new mattress or try and find a mattress pad that helped, usually unsuccessfully.

I heard this so often that I decided I had to do something about it. I went to work with the team at Luma Sleep and we developed a mattress topper that not only gives you a comfortable, better night of sleep, but saves your bed and extends its life. The most cost-effective solution is the 3” Sweet Dreams Topper, a plush, luxurious mattress topper that can be used by anyone with a mattress that is too firm or isn’t giving you the comfort you need to relax, and drift off into deep sleep. It features:

  •       Natural Latex and Serene™ foams that are open-cell and breathe
  •       2-sided and flippable so that you can choose the comfort
  •       Natural Tencel Thermo+ cover
  •       30-day trial with free returns

This really is the gift that will keep giving the gift of great sleep all year long, let’s just hope Santa doesn’t lay on it in the back of the sleigh or he might oversleep!

Use the code SleepDoc2019 for a 20% discount on your Sweet Dreams Topper.

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SleepPhones® are the world’s first and most comfortable headphones for sleeping. These innovative headband headphones were developed by a doctor who struggled with falling back asleep after taking patient phone calls late at night. Since 2007, more than one million people worldwide have enjoyed more and better sleep thanks to this patented invention that started on her kitchen table. SleepPhones® feature flat speakers in a soft, stretchy headband. They’re so comfortable you can even wear them while lying on your side. SleepPhones® come in several models, including the popular Wireless version, as well as three sizes and many colors. The latest model features eight hours of ASMR built in. Set the stage for restful sleep by listening to music, audio books, nature sounds, podcasts, ASMR, or anything else that relaxes you. Get better sleep naturally with SleepPhones®!

Just use code sleepdoc2019 to get 21% off ANY of the sleep phone models. I love these for listening to audiobooks.

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Optimize Your Sleep – Supercharge Your Life (BRAND NEW FROM THE SLEEP DOCTOR)

I saved the best for last! What would a holiday sale be if I didn’t offer something brand new? 

I’m so excited to release my newest and most comprehensive sleep course EVER! The course is called Optimize Your Sleep – Supercharge Your Life. The course is nearly 100 individual lessons in the course that will help you optimize your sleep and improve every area of your life through better sleep. 

I’m confident that this is the most comprehensive sleep course available anywhere. It is packed with videos, worksheets, practical exercises, texts, and me walking you through the most important factors for better sleep and performance. 

This is not a course that I built with or for someone else, it is the course I’ve always wanted to build for my family and my patients. It’s the same material I teach my celebrity clients one on one. It’s also ambitious in terms of price, this course will retail for $997.00 but for the holiday guide and ONLY here, I’m going to give it to you for 80% off with the code sleepdoc2019 that means you pay only $199.40 and it has a full 60-day money back guarantee! Note that when you buy it will ask you to create an account, please take that step, you won’t be charged or asked for credit card info or coupon codes until the next step.

Here’s just a small fraction of what you’ll discover and learn:

  • How to vanquish patterns of stress and replace them with patterns of rest
  • The power of a time based plan throughout the morning, daytime, and night to optimize your memory and creativity
  • Key strategies that allow you to achieve balance between your life and work demands and your need for sleep
  • How to replace your “3am worry session” with an actionable plan for getting back to sleep and rested for the day
  • Why your daily routine drives your sleep rather than your sleep (or lack thereof) driving your daily routine
  • Get personalized sleep protocols based on your chronotype
  • Learn how your bedroom may be sabotaging you
  • Identify what supplements you need in order to sleep great
  • Learn the secret of WHEN – How timing matters and how to maximize it
  • Get specific sleep optimization plans for your daylight hours, your pre-bed routine, and your wake up routine
  • Learn how to conquer jet lag and have a top performance wherever you’re going (Popular with my executives and entrepreneurs clients!)
  • My curated list of sleep tech that I recommend in order to maximize the quality of your sleep

This is a perfect gift for anyone who wants better sleep or better performance in any area of their life. It is especially useful for Exhausted Executives™, athletes, new parents, bio-hackers or anyone who values a good night of sleep. You can give this gift to anyone anywhere, right here online. I believe that this gift is the only gift to arrive more predictably or faster than Santa and a sleigh pulled by reindeer!

Happy Holidays Everyone!

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