Dreams, Nightmares, Stress and Sleep

Most of us have experienced them: weird, vivid dreams that leave us thinking about them the next day. But “weird” can mean several things in this regard. It can imply dreams that call up people from the past, the dead, or even those of a sexual nature. Strange dreams...

Are You Afraid of Sleeping?

Nightmares are a research and clinical area that has always fascinated me. While I have experienced nightmares myself, they have been quite rare in my life. However both a recent article and patient has piqued my curiosity. Nightmares can be defined as a frightening...

What’s in a Dream?

I’ve heard all kinds of stories from people who claim they work out their emotions in their sleep, or how they’ve come to rely on dreams as an important “survival strategy.” Indeed, I think dreams do serve a role in our survival—otherwise, what would be the point?