Best Mattress for Sex

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How a mattress feels and performs during sleep should be your primary consideration when choosing a new bed – but this isn’t the only consideration. Those with active sex lives should look at mattresses that provide comfortable and supportive surfaces for amorous activities. Everyone has different preferences when it comes to the best mattress for sex, but responsiveness, and edge support are top priorities for most people. A bouncy mattress with a reinforced perimeter allows you and your partner to use the entire surface for sex without feeling trapped or stuck.

Temperature control is another important factor. Mattresses with layers that absorb and trap heat can feel uncomfortably warm during sex, especially if they are soft and prone to deep sinkage. In order to be discreet, partners who share a residence may also need a mattress that produces little to no noise. Anyone seeking a better mattress for sex should evaluate how their current mattress feels and decide how it could be improved.

Our list of the best mattresses for sex includes models that excel in performance areas such as ease of movement, edge support, cooling, and noise potential. Scroll down to learn more about each of our top picks.

Our Top Picks

Mattress Type
Firmness Level

Best Overall


Soft (3), Medium Firm (6), Firm (8)

Best Value


Medium Firm (6)

Best Luxury


Medium Firm (6)

Most Comfortable


Medium Firm (6)

Best Cooling


Medium Soft (4), Medium Firm (6), Firm (7)


Saatva Classic

product image of the Saatva Classic
Mattress Details
  • Multiple firmness options (3, 6, 8)
  • 180-night sleep trial
  • 15-year warranty
  • Coil-on-coil design makes the surface exceptionally responsive
  • Excellent breathability and cooling
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The Saatva Classic is a luxury hybrid that checks a lot of boxes when it comes to suitability for sex. A Euro-top containing memory foam and fiber padding adds cushioning to prevent the surface from feeling overly stiff, but the mattress is also highly supportive thanks to a minicoil transitional layer and hourglass coil support core. This coil-on-coil construction makes the Saatva Classic feel quite bouncy, so you and your partner should be able to use the mattress for sex without sinking or feeling trapped.

Both coil layers also generate plenty of airflow, and the cover is composed of breathable organic cotton, so the Saatva Classic also sleeps quite cool. Customization options allow you to optimize the firmness and profile for sex. The medium firm (6) and firm (8) models should provide adequate support for you and your partner. Those who need extra coin reinforcement should also opt for the 14.5-inch profile. That said, the soft (3) feel and 11.5-inch profile may be sufficient if you and your partner each weigh less than 130 pounds.

Saatva offers free White Glove delivery throughout the contiguous U.S. White Glove couriers schedule a delivery date and time, assemble the Saatva Classic in a room of your choice, and haul away your old mattress and box spring upon request at no extra charge. Each mattress purchase comes with a 180-night sleep trial and 15-year warranty.



Helix Midnight

product image of the Helix Midnight Mattress
Mattress Details
  • Medium firm (6)
  • 100-night sleep trial
  • 10-year warranty
  • Zoned pocketed coils facilitate movement and protect the perimeter
  • Steady airflow helps the mattress sleep cool
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The Helix Sleep mattress lineup includes more than a dozen hybrid models, all of which are designed for certain types of sleepers. The Helix Midnight is one of the brand’s most versatile mattresses thanks to its balanced medium firm (6) feel that delivers adequate contouring without excessive sink and a zoned coil system for enhanced support.

The Midnight is constructed with a comfort layer of memory foam followed by a transitional polyfoam layer. These components ensure moderate contouring and cushioning to alleviate pressure along the spine while you sleep. The coil system features extra perimeter reinforcement to provide push-back along the edges, so you and your partner won’t be confined to the middle of the mattress during sleep or sex. Light responsiveness helps you move across the surface, but the Midnight provides decent motion isolation when it’s time to sleep.

The Midnight is designed for side sleepers weighing 130 to 230 pounds. While the mattress performs well during sex, this may not be the most suitable mattress for you and your sleep partner. Take the sleep questionnaire on Helix Sleep’s website to see which model will best suit your needs and preferences. Shipping is free for customers in all 50 states.



Luxury Firm WinkBed

product image of The Winkbed Mattress
Mattress Details
  • Medium firm (6)
  • 120-night sleep trial
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Adaptive polyfoam cushions the body without hugging tightly
  • Robust coils provide enhanced support for the sleeper's midsection and mattress perimeter
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The WinkBed is another popular hybrid model with a strong coil system to keep you and your partner comfortable during sex. Four firmness options are available for the mattress, but we’ve selected the Luxury Firm WinkBed because it provides a balance of cushioning, support, responsiveness, and breathability that should appeal to most couples.

The topmost layer is composed of adaptive polyfoam encased in a Euro-top cover. This material feels somewhat plush and contours to a noticeable extent, but won’t hug the body or sink beneath your weight like memory foam. Denser foam comprises the transitional layer to supply added cushioning while keeping your body on an even plane. The pocketed coils are zoned for extra push-back around the midsection, where people tend to carry a disproportionate amount of weight, so you and your partner shouldn’t sink into the mattress too deeply. Additional perimeter reinforcement allows you to use the entire surface and limits feelings of roll-off if your activities take you close to the edge of the mattress. The coils promote airflow, and the cover is a breathable, moisture-wicking Tencel fabric, which helps keep sleepers cool.

Some couples may not enjoy the Luxury Firm WinkBed and feel more comfortable on a softer or firmer model. As part of your mattress purchase, you’ll receive a 120-night sleep trial with free exchanges during that period. Those who aren’t satisfied with the Luxury Firm feel may trade in their initial mattress for another model with a different firmness level at no extra cost. Shipping is free within the contiguous U.S.



GhostBed Flex

product image of the GhostBed Flex
Mattress Details
  • Medium firm (6)
  • 101-night sleep trial
  • 25-year warranty
  • Responsive and supportive foam hybrid design
  • Steady airflow and cooling cover
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The GhostBed Flex is a mattress that feels comfortable for sleep and sex in equal measure. A medium firm (6) feel and deep comfort system ensure moderate cushioning and contouring, so sleepers should experience less pressure along the spine without sinking too deeply into the mattress. Sturdy coils and excellent overall cooling elevate the Flex as a top pick for couples seeking a mattress conducive to romantic activities.

The topmost layer is made of polyfoam quilted into the cover, followed by two memory foam layers infused with cooling gel designed to dissipate heat from the surface. A support core of pocketed coils stabilizes the mattress and circulates air throughout the interior to maintain a comfortable temperature. The coils are thick enough to help facilitate movement across the surface without generating too much transfer while you sleep, and perimeter reinforcement allows you and your partner to use the entire surface whether you’re awake or asleep. The entire mattress is encased in a cover made of proprietary Ghost Ice fabric that feels cool to the touch.

All orders include two free GhostPillows. The Flex qualifies for free ground shipping anywhere in the contiguous U.S. GhostBed backs each purchase with a 101-night sleep trial, and those who choose to keep their Flex also receive a 25-year warranty that should cover the mattress for its entire lifespan. 



Brooklyn Bedding Aurora Hybrid

Mattress Details
  • Multiple firmness options (4, 6, 7)
  • 120-night sleep trial
  • 10-year warranty
  • Phase change material captures and releases heat from the surface
  • Coils are zoned to support the midsection and protect the edges
See the best prices on the Brooklyn Bedding Aurora Hybrid

The Brooklyn Bedding Aurora Hybrid is equipped with cooling components that allow the mattress to control temperature exceptionally well, even compared to other hybrids. The cover fabric and top foam layer both contain phase change material that absorbs and dissipates heat on contact, resulting in a comfortable surface temperature. Additional gel infusions in the comfort system and a coil system that generates steady airflow add to the Aurora Hybrid’s excellent thermoregulation.

Support is another strength of this mattress. The coils are divided into three zones based on gauge, or thickness. This ensures extra reinforcement around the torso and hips, where people tend to carry a fair amount of weight, and gentler cradling for lighter areas of the body. Additional perimeter zoning lets you and your partner use the entire mattress surface as you see fit. Three firmness levels are available for the mattress. Unless you prefer a soft and adaptive mattress for sex, the medium firm (6) and firm (7) models will likely accommodate your needs.

Brooklyn Bedding offers free ground shipping within the contiguous U.S., and each mattress purchase comes with a 120-night trial period. You can choose from 10 different sizes for the Aurora Hybrid, including a split California king and RV-friendly sizes for romantic getaways.