Spring Into Better Sleep with Adjustable Bases for All

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Quite a few of my patients have been asking lately whether or not an adjustable bed is a worthwhile investment. In every instance, I’ve answered with a resounding, “Absolutely!”

It’s a common misbelief that adjustable bases are for the senior sleepers out there. And, yes, while they do offer great health benefits for anyone with a little less spring in their step, the truth is that adjustable bases can benefit the rest of us too.  I have had one for years and we love it. I am a HUGE fan, especially for my patients with reflux and apnea.

An adjustable base can do more besides let you sleep at the position you find most comfortable. Many of my patients have reported back to me that their adjustable bed has helped them in a myriad of ways—like reducing symptoms related to sleep apnea, to name one. Given the positive feedback I’m hearing from my patients, investing in an adjustable bed is most definitely a no-brainer.

Of course, with the question of whether or not an adjustable bed is a smart and healthy purchase squared away, the next question becomes: Which adjustable bed is the best adjustable bed? Well, that depends on personal preferences and what kinds of health benefits you hope to get out of your mattress. Some adjustable beds are better suited to help with certain ailments than others. And fortunately, with adjustable beds rising in popularity, there’s no shortage in selection.

I advise all of my patients to take their time while looking to find the right adjustable base. Look beyond the health benefits and consider quality, material, warranty, etc.  Don’t jump on the first adjustable base you come across (figuratively or literally).

If you’re looking for a good starting point to kick off your adjustable base hunt, one thing you need to find out is if the bed you like can even be on an adjustable base (some cannot—think about the ones with springs inside and them bending, etc.) But the good news is, there are some adjustable-friendly mattresses that provide health benefits they provide.

Most Affordable Mattress for Adjustable Base: Nectar

The Nectar mattress works with most mattress foundations, including adjustable bases. It’s made out of a gel foam memory material, and it offers great back support thanks to its medium-level firmness. Its memory foam helps to gently support common pressure points beneath your shoulders and hips—no matter your sleeping position. And as a bonus, it won’t break the bank either. This is easily one of the most affordable mattresses I’ve seen on the market. Check out the Nectar mattress review if you want to learn more!

Best Hybrid Mattress for Adjustable Base: Purple Hybrid

I’m a big fan of the Purple Hybrid mattress, not only because it sleeps like a dream (pun intended) when paired with the Purple Ascent Adjustable Base. It uses the support grid made by Purple to help with pressure relief, while innerspring coils keep your spine supported. This mattress can be used by any body type, from sleepers who are more lightweight (like your kids) to plus-size sleepers.

Sleep Doctor Favorite: Purple Ascent Adjustable Base

The Purple Ascent Adjustable Base is a perfect match for foam memory mattresses (like the Nectar, or yes, the Purple Hybrid!) It’s an adjustable base that can achieve whatever elevation you want. And it has three different height options—from 10.5” to 15.5” in total height. While I recommend the Purple Ascent Adjustable Base for its health benefits, it still comes with plenty of extra perks. It features USB ports, under-bed lighting, and it’s constructed with non-slip fabric. Oh, and it has no less than five different massage settings for soothing, targeted vibrations to help your body relax.

Basically, whatever is preventing you from getting a good night’s rest, there’s an adjustable base ready to help alleviate what ails you—no matter your age. Just make sure you take your time when shopping around and make an informed decision. When you find the right mattress for you, you’ll know when it’s time to make a move.

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