Cultivating Mindfulness to Help Sleep

Mindfulness has also been shown effective in helping to improve sleep, including reducing symptoms of insomnia and other sleep disturbances, as well as reducing daytime tiredness and fatigue. Mindfulness, according to research, also can help alleviate one of the prime obstacles to sleep: worry.


Why Many of Us Can’t Sleep At the end of a long, busy day, you expect to be able to fall asleep, no problem. Yet when you crawl under the covers and turn out the light, what happens? You can’t sleep. Maybe you lie awake for a long time before falling asleep. Perhaps you can […]

Sleep and Stress

Stress and sleep share a close, reciprocal connection. Learn how stress affects sleep and discover tips to sleep better when feeling stressed and anxious.

Night Sweats

Are night sweats affecting your sleep? Find out what night sweats are, what causes night sweats, and how to get relief from them.

Exercise at This Time of Day for Optimal Sleep

Research shows that exercise can improve sleep, but does the time of day matter? We look at the best time of day to exercise for maximum sleep benefits.

How to Go to Sleep Earlier

Do you have trouble falling asleep when you need to? Discover research-based tips for how to go to sleep earlier.

What Causes Sleepwalking?

Wondering what causes sleepwalking? We cover various factors that may play a role in sleepwalking, including genetics, age, and medications.

The Best Sounds for Sleep

Are you having trouble sleeping at night? A noisy environment may be to blame. Learn how to use music, white noise, and other sounds to help you sleep.

How to Meditate Before Bed

Studies show that meditation can improve your sleep, as well as reduce stress and pain. Learn why it works and how to start meditating before bed.