The Best Dog Beds by Your Favorite Mattress Brands

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Dogs are more than just companions––they’re family. And just like human sleepers who need to be paired with the right mattress for their sleep needs, dogs of all breeds, sizes, and ages require the same. The best dog beds nowadays are made by leading mattress brands like Casper and Purple, incorporating the same features as their human mattress counterparts. From orthopedic memory foam to cooling materials, it’s time to upgrade your pup to the same level of comfort.

Board-certified sleep specialist Michael Breus, Ph.D., otherwise known as The Sleep Doctor™, and his French bulldog, Hugo teamed up with Mattress Advisor experts to decipher who really leads the pack when it comes to the best dog beds.

The 7 Best Dog Beds

Our Top Picks for the Best Dog Bed 

Best Overall Dog Bed – Purple 

From puppies, senior dogs, Great Danes, to smaller pups (like Hugo, The Sleep Doctor’s resident dog bed expert), all dogs can benefit from sleeping on the Purple dog bed. Incorporating in the flexible Purple polymer grid, the Purple dog bed will softly hug your pup’s pressure points to keep weight off. This pet bed also uses an odor-resistant, antimicrobial mattress protector and machine washable cover to stay durable and fresh for the long haul. Similar to the Purple mattress, the internal grid also helps keep dogs cool with air channels that direct away body heat. So no matter their size, breed, or age, this dog bed will serve as a safe haven after a long day.

 Purple Dog Bed, Starting at $149,

Best Dog Bed for Large Dogs – Casper

According to the American Kennel Club, large dog breeds usually rank in at 50 pounds and up––meaning they require a larger, more supportive dog bed. Since large and extra-large breeds are more prone to conditions like hip dysplasia, large dog beds need to include pressure relieving features. Casper conducted an 11 month dog sleep study with 460 hours of lab research to create their version of the best dog bed. Their research uncovered various patterns that dogs exhibit as they prepare to hunker down, such as scratching and pawing the ground like their wolf ancestors did. Just like their mattresses, the Casper dog bed uses memory foam, with some more canine-friendly aspects. From a durable, scratch-resistant cover, pressure-relief top layer to a support bottom layer, it is designed to keep big dogs fully supported and comfortable. 

Casper Dog Bed, Starting at $129,

Best Chew Proof Dog Bed – Nectar

For pet parents with a teething puppy or a fur child that just loves to chew for fun, the Nectar dog bed’s claim to fame is staying “indestructible” against chewy dogs. But just because it’s built to be tough as nails doesn’t mean it’s uncomfortable for your dog to snuggle into. A soft memory foam base with non-slip fabric keeps the bed stable as your dog moves around. The removable cover is both chewing, odor, and water-resistant but you can pop it in the washing machine anytime for freshening up. Let your pooch have at it, and tucker themselves out. 

Nectar Dog Bed, Starting at $119,

Best Dog Bed for Older Dogs – Layla

Senior dogs need more cushioning and pressure relief to help them snooze without any joint pain in their golden years. Using the exact design as the Layla foam mattress, this dog bed can be flipped to either a soft and firm side. It’s also infused with copper to keep the bed cool and germ-free. Firm, dense foam serves as the base and bolsters while the removable, flippable cushion is placed in the hollowed out center. Both sides of this foam cushion help with pressure relief and cushioning, which can be helpful for aging dogs who have joint pain, arthritis, or hip dysplasia.

Layla Dog Bed, Starting at $149,

Best Memory Foam Dog Bed – Tuft & Needle

The Tuft & Needle dog bed is highly versatile, doubling as a dog crate pad and a bed. Using the same porous memory foam that’s in the regular mattress, its outer frame links to the inner cushion via parachute cord to stay put. To use the inner cushion as a crate pad, simply unlatch the cord and remove the cushion. The foam is designed to help your dog sleep cool, while feeling cushiony and weightless. Bolster dog beds are also highly recommended for dogs that like to curl up against their beds, just like their ancestors did while resting in packs. While your pooch may not be experiencing anything like “Call of the Wild,” they will be able to enjoy the best possible sleep experience. 

Tuft & Needle Dog Bed, Starting at $108,

Best Orthopedic Dog Bed – Sealy Cushy Comfy

If you’ve ever noticed that your pup gravitates towards soft couches, pillows, or anything that surrounds them in weightless comfort, then this is the dog bed for them. Wrapped in a washable Sherpa cover, the Sealy Cushy Comfy’s bed insert also has pieces of orthopedic and memory foams that contour around your dog’s body for total soft support, inside and out. Whether you have a growing puppy, an active dog, or a senior pup, this bed provides pressure relief around their joints to keep them comfortable. 

Sealy Cushy Comfy Dog Bed, Starting at $79.99,

Best Dog Bed for Puppies – Puffy

Just like babies, puppies need sleep to help their bodies develop and grow. According to the American Kennel Club, puppies can sleep anywhere from 18 to 20 hours per day––so it’s important to find a dog bed that they’ll be comfortable in. The Puffy memory foam dog bed can help. The soft, durable bed cover can be removed and washed if there’s any accidents, while cooling memory foam creates a soft sleep surface for smaller dogs. 

Puffy Dog Bed, Starting at $129,

Picking The Best Dog Bed for Your Pup

Dogs actually spend 12 to 14 hours a day sleeping, because sleep plays a major role in their health and happiness. If you have a cuddler on your hands that likes to share your mattress with you, it’s actually a healthier choice to each have your own sleeping quarters. Luckily, the mattress brands that help you achieve healthier sleep produce high-quality, supportive beds for your furry friend too. But there are a couple things to keep in mind when selecting a dog bed that’s right for your companion.

Dog Size and Weight

A great dane will have different needs than a teacup chihuahua, so evaluate your dog’s size and weight to determine what size bed they’ll need (all of the brands listed here offer small, medium, and large) plus any extra bells and whistles. 


Since you’re investing into your pet’s sleep and health, you want to be sure their bed is going to last a long time. A waterproof dog bed, chew proof covers, scratch-resistant materials, and washable components are all handy features that will make sure your dog’s bed won’t have to be quickly replaced.


As your dog ages, bed features like pressure relief and soft cushioning become that much more important in keeping your dog comfortable. Hip dysplasia and arthritis can be an issue, commonly found in larger dogs as they age. A medium-firm dog bed will be the right fit for your senior dog, feeling soft enough to lay on while still remaining supportive for their joints and overall frame. Orthopedic mattresses and memory foam are a good starting point in your search.

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