The Top 11 Labor Day Mattress Sales of 2021

Labor Day is notoriously one of the best holiday weekends to invest in a new mattress, with many of the top brands offering huge end of summer sales. If you’re looking to save on a quality mattress this Labor Day, you’re in luck; Dr. Michael Breus, Ph.D.––otherwise known as The Sleep Doctor––has partnered with the expert review team at Mattress Advisor to uncover the top Labor Day mattress sales available online today. Working together, The Sleep Doctor and the Mattress Advisor team compared Labor Day price and overall mattress quality to trim the countless mattress deals the internet has to offer down to the 11 best.

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These are the best Labor Day mattress sales of 2021:

The Sleep Doctor’s Top Picks for the Best Labor Day Mattress Sales

You don’t have to tire yourself out this Labor Day shopping for a new mattress––we’ve already done the heavy lifting for you! Just keep reading to learn about high quality mattresses from top brands at the absolute best Labor Day prices.

1. The Sleep Doctor’s Pick: Purple Original

Get up to $350 off + FREE sleep bundle

A Sleep Doctor favorite, the original Purple mattress is about to make waves with its Labor Day sale. If you’re a back or side sleeper who sleeps hot, or if you struggle with a bit of back pain, the Purple mattress will help you wake up feeling recharged. Its top comfort layer is a 2-inch-thick gel grid that’s made from a hyper-elastic polymer. This pliable layer cradles your pressure points (8.5) and keeps your spine in alignment (9.5)––great news for side sleepers that require these features from their mattress. 

  • Mattress Type: Hybrid
  • Customer Rating: 4.6/5
  • Firmness: Medium-Firm
  • Warranty: 10-Year Warranty

Buy it, Purple, $1,199 (Queen),

2. Best Innerspring Mattress: Saatva Classic Mattress 

Get $200 off any Saatva mattress

The Saatva reigns supreme, repeatedly earning the title ‘expert pick’ from The Sleep Doctor in our roundups on the best innerspring mattresses and best picks for back pain. With a durable innerspring support system, the Saatva boasts phenomenal spine alignment, earning a 10/10. Plus, it has a quilted euro pillow top for that coveted hotel-quality, luxuriously comfortable feel. The Saatva Classic has 884 individually wrapped coils spread across two layers––and it’s available in three levels of firmness: plush (3/10 on the firmness scale), luxury firm (6/10), and firm (8/10). But whether you choose its softest or one of its firmer options, you can get the Saatva Classic’s often-praised lumbar support and comfort delivered to your bedroom this Labor Day at an extra low price by taking $200 off at checkout.

  • Mattress Type: Luxury Hybrid
  • Customer Rating: 4.8 out of 5
  • Firmness: Plush, Luxury Firm, and Firm
  • Warranty: 15-Year Limited

Buy It, Saatva Classic Mattress, $1,574 for a Queen,

3. Best for Side Sleepers: Helix Midnight Luxe Mattress

$200 off any Helix mattress + 2 FREE Dream Pillows

With its high marks in pressure relief and spine alignment, 8.5/10 and 9/10, respectively, it’s no surprise the Helix Midnight Luxe has been awarded the title ‘best for side sleepers’ in a handful of The Sleep Doctor’s mattress roundups. The Helix Midnight Luxe not only features targeted support and promotes consistent spinal alignment, it also comes with an innovative built-in cooling cover and breathable innerspring coils that keep you breezy and comfortable. And since the Helix Midnight Luxe is on sale this Labor Day, you don’t have to spend a lot of cash on a mattress that’ll keep your pressure points supported and pain-free.

  • Mattress Type: Hybrid
  • Customer Rating: 4.5 out of 5
  • Firmness: Medium
  • Warranty: 15-Year Limited Warranty

Buy It, Helix Midnight Luxe, $1,949 for a Queen,

4. Best Firm Mattress: WinkBeds

Save $300 off + $399 worth of free accessories

Every inch of the WinkBeds mattress is designed to offer the best comfort and support possible. Individually wrapped coils and a layer of memory foam together help relieve pressure points in your lower back, which the Mattress Advisor team indeed found very comfortable and supportive. It nailed a perfect 10 during testing for durability and an impressive 9.75 for its edge support. This mattress is great for sleepers that need help with back pain and back sleepers that require support for neutral spinal alignment to prevent aches in the morning. You even have four levels of firmness to choose from, so take your pick this Labor Day weekend and settle in for a good night’s rest.

  • Mattress Type: Hybrid
  • Customer Rating: 4.5/5
  • Firmness: Softer, Luxury Firm, Firmer, and Extra Firm
  • Warranty: Lifetime Warranty

Buy it, WinkBed, $1,799 (Queen),

5. Best Cooling Mattress: GhostBed

Save 30% off + 2 pillows

The GhostBed is one heck of a cool mattress. By capturing the feeling of latex, responsive memory foam, along with a plush quilted cover and cooling fiber technology, these materials make it the perfect choice for anyone who sleeps hot (8.5). Latex foam hugs around your body, cushioning around your joints. And Its responsiveness and medium-level firmness make it a great mattress for any sleeping position (8.5), while its gel memory foam ensures you get a supportive, soft, and cool surface regardless of how you sleep. That’s why the GhostBed brought home an impressive slate of high scores for responsiveness, cooling, and durability (9).

  • Mattress Type: Latex and Memory Foam Hybrid
  • Customer Rating: 4.7 out of 5
  • Firmness: Medium-Firm
  • Warranty: 20-Year 

Buy it, GhostBed Original, $1,491 (Queen),

6. Best Memory Foam Mattress: Puffy 

Get $300 off + $455 worth of free accessories

Memory foam beds have a reputation for sinking and sagging under weight, but the medium-firm Puffy mattress rebels against this stereotype. Earning the title ‘best memory foam mattress’ in our article on the best mattresses for back pain, the Puffy uses its soft foam layers to keep your spine aligned throughout the night, earning a 8.75 in our tests. It also respond to your movements with ease for comfortable, restful sleep. The Puffy has some serious Labor Day markdowns, and now you can benefit from its supportive foam layers and expert responsiveness at a bargain you just won’t see any other time of the year. 

  • Mattress Type: Memory Foam
  • Customer Rating: 4.6 out of 5
  • Firmness: Medium-Firm
  • Warranty: Lifetime

Buy It, Puffy Mattress, $1,150 for a Queen,

7. Best for Pressure Relief: Brooklyn Bedding Signature Mattress

Get 25% off all Brooklyn Bedding mattresses and bedding accessories with code: LABORDAY25

One of the top mattress brands in the industry, Brooklyn Bedding offers a lineup of hybrid mattresses to address every sleeping position, body type, and preference. The Brooklyn Signature is their most popular mattress beloved by side sleepers and those who sleep warm, both scoring a well-rounded 8.5 for spinal alignment and cooling in testing. Named the best mattress for pressure relief due to high marks in testing (9.5 out of 10), the Signature provides support across many impressively designed layers on a 6” base of up to 961 individually encased coils. The quality and durability of the Brooklyn Signature is hard to beat. All Brooklyn Bedding mattresses, including the Signature are backed by a 10-year warranty and available at the best price. And this Labor Day, the sale price of this mattress might just prove too good to pass up; plus, you can score a new sheet set to match for 25% off.

  • Mattress Type: Hybrid
  • Customer Rating: 4.7 out of 5
  • Firmness: Plus, Medium, Firm
  • Warranty: 10-Year Limited Warranty

Buy It, Brooklyn Signature, $999 for a Queen,

8. Best Mattress for Back Pain: Casper Original

Save up to 20% off on bundles

Casper mattresses are notoriously smart choices for relieving back pain; the Casper Original earned the title ‘best for back pain’ in our round-up of the best mattresses for side sleepers, and the Casper Wave Hybrid made an appearance as the ‘best total score’ in our back pain piece. The Casper Original’s claim to back-pain-relief-fame is its near-perfect spine alignment score (it earned a 9.5/10!), and equally high marks in pressure relief and responsiveness. The Casper Original mattress offers sleepers of every type (back, side, stomach, or combo) support and pressure relief thanks to its universal medium-firmness level and balanced feel.

  • Mattress Type: Memory Foam
  • Customer Rating: 4.5 out of 5
  • Firmness: Medium-Firm
  • Warranty: 10-Year Limited

Buy It, Casper Original Mattress, $1,095 for a Queen,

9. Best Value: Nectar Mattress 

Get $399 of FREE accessories with a Nectar mattress purchase

When it comes to the Nectar, you can rest assured you’re getting one of the best deals in the bed-in-a-box mattress industry. Named ‘best value’ and ‘best affordable mattress’ in our roundups on the best picks for side sleepers and best choices for back pain, the Nectar offers a premium memory foam experience for half the price of other beds. The Nectar’s cooling cover and gel memory foam layer cushion the hips and shoulders for top-notch pressure relief. And coupled with its lifetime warranty and year-long sleep trial, the Nectar is already a bargain as it is. But this Labor Day, you can save even more money on a quality memory foam mattress that’ll relieve pressure point pain without emptying your wallet.

Learn more about the Nectar in The Sleep Doctor’s Nectar mattress review.

  • Mattress Type: Memory Foam
  • Customer Rating: 4.8 out of 5
  • Firmness: Medium-Firm
  • Warranty: Lifetime Warranty

Buy It, Nectar Mattress, $799 for a Queen,

10. Best for Athletes: Bear 

Get 20% off + 2 FREE Cloud Pillows when you purchase any Bear mattress

Awarded the best mattress for athletes in our testing, the Bear mattress is perfect for anyone with an active lifestyle. This mattress keeps you cool at night and recharges you for the day ahead with a Celliant cover and cooling memory foam top layer. Also a favorite of side and back sleepers for its solid score of 8.5 out of 10 for spinal alignment, the Bear’s memory foam layers work to keep you comfortably supported. Wake up refreshed and recovered on a mattress that’ll last you for years to come––at a Labor Day price you can feel good about.

  • Mattress Type: Memory Foam with Graphite Gel
  • Customer Rating: 4.7 out of 5
  • Firmness: Medium-Firm
  • Warranty: 10-Year Limited

Buy It, Bear Mattress, $800 for a Queen,

11. Best Luxury Hybrid Mattress: DreamCloud Premier

Get $200 off the DreamCloud Premier

The DreamCloud Premier mattress is an affordable hybrid mattress that offers a refined sleeping experience for a hard-to-beat price. Awarded in the Sleep Doctor’s roundup of the top hybrid mattresses as the ‘best luxury mattress’, the DreamCloud has much to offer. This hybrid combines foam, individually wrapped innerspring coils, and a lavish Cashmere blend to provide pressure relief while cushioning your most sensitive areas. And thanks to the combination of memory foam and an innerspring mattress, the DreamCloud scored a 9 out of 10 in pressure relief. If you act quickly enough, the money you save on the DreamCloud Premier this Labor Day will be just one more thing to help you sleep a little more soundly through the night.

  • Mattress Type: Hybrid
  • Customer Rating: 4.6 out of 5
  • Firmness: Medium-Firm
  • Warranty: Lifetime

Buy It, DreamCloud Premier, $1,998 for a Queen,

How to Choose the Right Mattress for You

While there are plenty of things other than price you should consider before buying, there’s certainly nothing wrong with getting a great Labor Day mattress deals on what you’d consider to be your ideal mattress. So, use the Sleep Doctor’s list of top 11 best Labor day mattress sales this holiday. Skip hours of scrolling and comparing prices on the internet––and go straight to saving money on a new bed from the top mattress companies that’ll give you a better night’s sleep.

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