The Power Of Cooling On Sleep And A Racing Mind

Black Ebb Sleep Cooling Device For Racing Mind

A racing mind makes it hard to sleep. We likely all have experienced that feeling when it’s time to go to bed and your mind starts to race.

You lay in bed staring at the clock, tossing and turning with no way to just shut off.  Thoughts about the previous day and the day to come keep piling on. The stress of not being able to sleep just adds to the lineup of thoughts, and when your alarm rings it feels as though you just closed your eyes.

One in two people have trouble sleeping, and 55 million people in the U.S. suffer from insomnia chronically. That’s half of us who cite issues falling asleep or staying asleep when it’s time for bed. One of the most common reasons people experience the loss of sleep is because of racing thoughts or overactivity in the mind when trying to turn off.

The concept of the racing mind was studied deeply by the founder and Chief Medical Officer of Ebb Therapeutics, Dr. Eric Nofzinger.

While working as a Professor of Psychiatry and serving as Director of the Sleep Neuroimaging Research Program at the University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine, Dr. Nofzinger’s pioneering work with sleep patients using brain imaging studies lead to a breakthrough. He uncovered a solution, using the simple power of cooling. That solution became the technology we now call Ebb.

Why Your Mind Races And You Can’t Sleep

Ebb drew on feedback from hundreds of people struggling with sleep.  They studied brain images to conclude that the root cause of sleeplessness is in fact overactivity in the frontal cortex, the thinking part of the brain.

Through decades of research and brain-imaging data, Ebb discovered that precise cooling of forehead to target activity in the frontal cortex, the over activity is reduced, eliminating those racing thoughts. This thermoregulation allows a person to reach a state of relaxation and reach a better, more restorative level of sleep.

Ebb was formally launched in 2019 and is located in Pittsburgh, PA less than two miles away from the University of Pittsburgh, Ebb’s headquarters are situated in the city’s heart of innovation near the neighborhood coined ‘Robotics Row’. Ebb leveraged this breakthrough research and innovative technology to bring a completely safe and effective solution to sleeplessness.

Ebb is the first, drug-free and smart-technology innovation that uses a proprietary cooling ComfortBand to naturally trigger a response in the brain, reducing metabolic activity in the brain’s frontal cortex which quiets Racing Mind – or overactivity in the frontal cortex – to help users achieve more restorative sleep.

A scientifically-engineered, fluid-filled headband softly and comfortably wraps around the head cooling the forehead to the optimal temperature range, calming the mind and allowing the body to fall asleep naturally.

The best results come from regular and proper use of the device paired with a healthy nighttime regimen.  To ensure long term sleep success, Ebb Therapeutics offers a personalized sleep coaching program. Coaches provide guidance on ideal sleep behaviors based on application of best practices from extensive scientific research on the behavioral management of sleeplessness and in motivational change.

Who Is Ebb Right For?

People struggle with sleep for many different reasons. Ebb is designed specifically for those that:

  • Have trouble falling asleep and/or staying asleep through the night
  • Have sleep problems caused by a racing mind, or an inability to turn off their thoughts at night.

How To Use Ebb To Flip The Switch On Your Racing Mind

You start by wearing the headband for 20-30 minutes during the day or early evening, then removing it before you go to sleep. Once you feel adjusted to Ebb, start wearing it through the night. The cooling nature delivers a unique sensation and may take a few days to get used to.

Scientific research has confirmed that Ebb’s precise temperature range delivers optimal results. Simply choose the coolness setting that feels most comfortable for you. All of the settings are validated to be effective within the temperature range, so it comes down to which you prefer. P1 is the coldest, and P10 is the warmest. We recommend starting on P7 and adjusting from there.

Some people experience benefits as early as the first night, but others can take a week or more. Even those who start to benefit the first night often saw their improvements get better and better over time. Give Ebb time to work – persistence pays off!

Ebb offers full support from time of purchase to beyond, including product experts in the customer care center to a staff of sleep coaches to support you through your sleep journey.

Additional Tips For Getting A Better Night Of Sleep

Sleep is a complex process with many different factors that affect it. In addition to using Ebb, practicing good sleep habits is key:

 Don’t use any screens in your bedroom including phones and TVs. The light from these devices can keep your body from switching into sleep mode.
 Keep a consistent sleep schedule (even on weekends!). Go to bed at the same time and wake up at the same time to train your body to know when it’s time to be asleep.
 Limit alcohol consumption. While sometimes it may feel like you fall asleep faster, drinking alcohol can make the quality of the sleep you get worse and can cause repeat awakenings during the night.

The Results Of Using Ebb Regularly

Ebb has conducted a significant amount of research on the cooling technology on over 3,800 nights of sleep. The results include;

Fall asleep faster: 3/4 users said they fell asleep faster.

Sleep satisfaction: 8/10 users reported improvements in overall sleep quality.

Wake up refreshed: 7/10 users felt more alert in the morning.

Stay asleep longer: 7/10 users reported sleeping better through the night.

Feel better the next day: 7/10 users reported improvements in their emotional state.

For individuals suffering from chronic and clinically diagnosed insomnia, the maker of Ebb also offers Ebb Insomnia Therapy, an FDA-cleared version of the product that is available with a physician’s prescription.

If Your Mind Races And Won’t Shut Off, It’s Time To Try Something New

Ebb believes the proof is in the sleep. When you purchase Ebb, you get a full risk free 60 nights of sleep on new sleep systems to see for yourself how great it works for you. Sleep is personal and only your experience will tell you if Ebb is right for you. Ebb offers free shipping and return shipping if you choose to return the product.

With a commitment to naturally better sleep, a drug free solution, and scientific evidence, it’s time to try something new to take back your nights and get the sleep you’ve been dreaming of.

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