New Sleep Apnea Treatment In Pill Form On The Horizon And A Smartwatch To Stop Nightmares

I’m writing to you this week from Portugal! I am here attending the annual MindValley A-Fest (the A stands for awesome). I’m very thankful I used my Timeshifter app because I was able to avoid ANY jet lag! If you travel, I’d love for you to have the app as my gift and if you grab it now, you’ll get a free jet lag plan too. That said in between lectures and on the long flight over I was also able to do a little reading and found a few things I think you’ll find interesting.

There is Going to Be a Pill for Sleep Apnea!

Yes, you heard me correctly, a pill to treat sleep apnea. So long CPAP, bye bye mouthguards; swallow your apnea away. While it will not start out as the first line of defense (but ultimately may be), as early as next year clinical trials will start for the new drug. University of Chicago and IIT Research Institute’s David McCormick have discovered “a completely novel class of drugs, completely novel compounds that are synthesized by a completely novel chemistry.”

The compounds were shown to decrease apneas when tested on genetically engineered mice which reliably recapitulate human sleep apnea. The efficacy was also tested on rats which demonstrated that the decrease in apneas was not a mouse-specific phenomenon, says McCormick, a coauthor on the study.

“The underlying mechanisms of what is going on in a rodent model and a human model appear to be very similar,” says McCormick. “This is the only therapeutic strategy that we are aware of that’s under development that targets both obstructive and central sleep apnea.”

The researchers are targeting an enzyme that affects the tongue. More specifically, the tongue’s ability to relax while sleeping. When it relaxes too much, it can slide backward and obstruct the airway.

Stay tuned, I’ll keep you updated on any new developments. This kind of research is so exciting, isn’t science cool?

There is a Smartwatch for Nightmares!

A new startup company called NightWare Inc. just got a big green light from the FDA to move forward with its highly innovative product. This will allow research to speed up quickly and hopefully, if found to be effective, help a lot of our servicemen and women and others suffering from nightmares. These devices and protocols appear to be designed for PTSD nightmare related dreams.

As reported in Sleep Review:

NightWare is a smartwatch application that runs on the Apple Watch platform. The device collects biometric data through integrated sensors and uses machine learning algorithms to create a profile of an individual’s sleep patterns. At the point the onset of a nightmare is detected, the device intervenes using vibrotactile feedback to arouse the sleeper out of sleep without waking them. The result is that the nightmare is interrupted without interrupting the circadian sleep pattern, enabling the patient to get better and more restful sleep.

This sounds very promising and I am excited to see what happens.

There is a Weed Pill for Insomnia!

A research company from Israel (Kanabo Research) presented results of a pre-clinical trial which holds promise for increasing sleep duration. The company’s proprietary combination (a mixture of THC, CBD, CBN, and Terpenes) was equally as effective as a known sleeping pill (Diazepam) and in some cases, 150% more effective. This makes sense if you read any of my articles on CBD, CBN, and THC.

It’s interesting that THC appears to help move the other ingredients along, and is relevant for effectiveness. Also of note, they will produce a non-THC version which can be purchased at a drugstore, while the other will be by prescription only. I think this sounds very interesting and falls in line with my views on the science.

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That’s it for this week,

Wishing you Sweet Dreams!
Dr. Michael Breus