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I had an amazing week representing Princes Cruises and the Princess Luxury Bed to the Taiwanese media and many of their distinguished VIP guests.

I also found a great article describing the differences between raw and processed Honey which you know, along with Guava Leaf Tea is one of my favorite sleep hacks!

First, my trip and then sweet dreams with honey.

I left on Monday from LA and started TIMESHIFTING using my timeshifter app two days BEFORE my trip. This allowed my body’s internal circadian rhythm to be easily adjusted so upon arrival.

I went to bed a little earlier and got up a little earlier based on my personalized jet leg recommendations, according to my location, destination and flight times, and by Monday I was almost there.

Upon awakening Monday morning, I put on my blue-light blocking glasses and made my flight with time to spare.

My personalized plan required I sleep in the first part of the 14-hour flight. So, I used an appropriate dose of Melatonin at 0.5mg and napped for 5-6 hours. I had set my alarm to wake me up, and then I opened the shade on my window and took in all of that glorious light for the rest of the trip.

Upon my arrival at 5 pm local time, we decided to do a little sightseeing and grab some dinner. If you ever get the chance, let me tell you, the Taiwanese people are so welcoming and friendly, and you must try the local food. My guide brought me to the best Beef Noodle House in town, and it was super authentic, spicy, and delicious! We then walked around the night market, and I think I saw every possible street food imaginable.

I was back at the hotel by 10 and asleep by midnight (again using 0.5mg Melatonin) and up at 6:30 ready for more sightseeing and rehearsals for my lectures. I was completely shifted and had NO JET LAG!!

By Thursday, it was time to shift back to LA time so I followed my protocol going to bed about 1 hour earlier each night (which I must admit was not too easy for a WOLF like me, but I was very tired from all the events). This time I was asked to sleep on the second part of the flight (which turned out to not be much of an issue) and then stayed up upon my arrival ( at 8am LA time) with a quick nap at 10, for 20 min I did the nap-a-latte technique and went to bed at my normal 12 midnight.

Wow, I love it when technology is helpful; it really saved me a tremendous amount of time and effort while traveling.

Now on to the Sweeter side of this Sunday Snoozer: Honey

You have heard me say it before but one thing I have found over the past year or so, is many of my followers and patients are waking up in the middle of the night due to blood sugar! If you think about it, it makes sense. If you eat your last meal at 7 and you are up at 3 that’s eight hours and you are simply out of fuel! A teaspoon of Raw Honey 30 min before bed or a cup of Guava Leaf Tea for those who are diabetic or on a low sugar diet, appears to help.

But why raw honey?

A great article on Medical News today looking at this sweet treat for sweet dreams. Raw honey is unprocessed, regular honey is pasteurized, which uses extreme heat and comes straight from the honeycomb, and looks a bit cloudy, and often has little bits and pieces in it. Pasteurization lowers the number of antioxidants and can change the benefits of the product. In addition, with Pasteurization often times manufacturers will add sugar, and you all know how sugar effects sleep.  But briefly:

  • Sugar reduces sleep quality
  • Sugar stimulates appetite and cravings
  • Sugar increases inflammation
  • Sugar effects a healthy gut.

Looking at raw honey, it turns out to be a complex product with many different benefits and has been used in health and wellness for centuries.

I did a very special interview this week that I feel is important to share. A couple of weeks from now is Mother’s Day and for mother’s who’ve lost a child, it is a very stressful time and causes many challenges with sleep. Dr. Pam Vredevelt is a leading psychologist and expert on the topic of grief. She wrote the book Empty Arms. Pam has created something important, a series of videos helping you understand how to have a conversation with someone who has lost a child this Mother’s Day. The videos are helpful and very empathetic. She also interviewed me about how mothers can sleep better when they are grieving. I think you’ll find it very interesting and I hope helpful if you or someone you know is experiencing grief.

Sweet Dreams,
Dr. B

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